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Designer's Names
Roxane Thiery
& Anne-Fleur Broudehoux.

Founding Year

Designer's biography
Anne-Fleur and Roxane, childhood friends, forever passionate about fashion, had always dreamt about creating something together. They began building their skills  separately, one at Alberta Ferretti, the other at Ba&Sh. in september 2007, they took the plunge.

Concept and meaning of Roseanna
Roseanna is the combination of the two designer’s surnames. it embodies the juxtaposition of their personalities, styles and reference points, as well as the friendship that unites them. Roseanna offers a complete wardrobe with a refined style. The selection of beautiful materials, the detailing, and quality trimmings, which punctuate each piece, are at the center of Roseanna's collections.

Fall Winter 2017

A dark and minimalist entrance, designed in the shape of an opaque, forest green box, with a cascading bouquet; the oversized R; a long white corridor whose ceiling seems to have been pelted with multi-coloured neon lights, the stage is set: a characteristic duality, a chromatic, sensual and blazing imper- tinence, the ROSEANNA Fall Winter 2017 Collection continues to surprise, bringing together perfectly the influences of each designer.

The Roseanna woman assumes her desires and inspirations. She loves beautiful fabrics, comfortable and feminine cuts.
She is also evolving, establishing her need for authenticity, values, lack of compromise, yet light-heartedly so. This well-known duality.
She is firmly rooted in the present, nourishing herself with artistic influences, she is funny, sincere and joyful.
She wants double-faced wool coats inspired by a man’s wardrobe, with perfect cuts; Georgia lace; Ida floral prints made of silk crepe; flounces and silk seersuckers that echo the movements of the Bakst prima ballerinas.
Sequins mingle with velvet; colours are vivid, solar and strong.

Fabrics are classics or technical; prints are geometric; the iconic Varsity teddy is declined in shearling and vinyl.
Fuchsia, bright yellow, navy blue, silk stripes, Italian knits, the Fall Winter 2017 Collection has a simple, reassuring, warm aesthetic and yet is composed of fresh prints and happy colours.

For the first time, the Collection’s labelling will mention the address of the first ROSEANNA boutique, 5, rue Froissart in Paris, due to open in Spring 2017. A discreet detail that strengthens the designers’ view of their savoir-faire and their desire to move towards an elegant and sophisticated wardrobe, that highlights the outfit and the women who wear it.

Also new is the R, embroidered or discreetly placed on some items, designed as a signature, and equally as the sober and precise symbol of the brand development towards a recognisable, loyal and complete collection made up of classic items in jersey and knit that we will look forward to every season.