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Designer's Names
Roxane Thiery
& Anne-Fleur Broudehoux.

Founding Year

Designer's biography
Anne-Fleur and Roxane, childhood friends, forever passionate about fashion, had always dreamt about creating something together. They began building their skills  separately, one at Alberta Ferretti, the other at Ba&Sh. in september 2007, they took the plunge.

Concept and meaning of Roseanna
Roseanna is the combination of the two designer’s surnames. it embodies the juxtaposition of their personalities, styles and reference points, as well as the friendship that unites them. Roseanna offers a complete wardrobe with a nonchalant-refined style. The selection of beautiful materials, the detailing, and quality trimmings, which punctuate each piece, are at the center of Roseanna's collections.

Spring Summer 17

Dazzling, cheerful, and carefree, the 2017 Spring-Summer collection is the modern reflection of a light era, the 60’s.
It pays tribute to the mythic Jackie Onassis.

The surrounding of the Cyclades, the Greek beauties with the sea as the sole horizon.
The Mykonos theme shows the icons and other picturesque and typical images of Greece.

Chic and endless, the 60’s scarf print is arty, dynamic, and graphic.
The doily lace and the sun guipure, that evoke the local crafts, are magnified by the futurist prince galls and the technical stitches of intense colours.

Light and aerial, the silky and cotton veil fabrics caress the skin.
The silver and ochre reflects of the lameĢ
theme remind us the metallic colours of the landscape at sunset time.

Sun that we find in the colour palette of this collection.
Dark purple, white, ink, emerald green, pink blush, terracotta and deep blue form the Spring-Summer 2017 wardrobe.

"I am a woman above everything else."
"The only routine with me is no routine at all." "Sex is a bad thing because it rumples the clothes."

Jackie O.